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Reconciling a card statement

To watch a video about this, click here.

From the welcome screen within the account section you will see the number of lines awaiting reconciliation, this figure will reduce as claim lines are reconciled.

To start reconciling you can either click on the number in the box or on the Reconcile my card statement link on the right hand side of this section.

Welcome screen

The next screen shows any statements awaiting reconciliation which have been matched to your account. On the right hand side you will see the date of the statement and the total value of the statement along with a status of number of lines reconciled and remaining. Whilst the number of lines will be updated the statement value will not change.

When you are ready click Select to start reconciling.

Statement to reconcile

This screen gives a full list of all lines awaiting reconciliation.

When reconciling a card statement, it may be that not all 4 of the options detailed below are available to you, this is determined by other parts of the system, but at the very least Match and Create will be.

There are 4 options: To match up the imported line to an existing claim line. To Create a new claim line from the imported line. To mark the line as personal this will remove it from the statement and allow finance staff to report on the items. Cash Withdrawal is not available to all claimants but allows imported cash lines to be transferred to another claim account.

Manage statement lines


There is the option to either save the created lines on a new claim (this is the default setting) or select a current claim at draft level and add the lines onto that claim. This can be done by using the drop down to select the claim ID. The other fields for selection in here are the category, receipt, coding and descriptions. Any information in the imported statement will be pulled through and populate the claim line, including the country and default VAT rate.

The credit card screen uses the new ReceiptStash view to create the claim.

Once the receipts are uploaded to the ReceiptStash, use the + button as indicated in the below screenshot to physically add the receipt to the claim.

When all items are completed use the save button to store that information against a claim and return the the remaining statement lines requiring reconciliation.

Create a claim line


If a claimant has already created the claim line against their card account when the purchase was made, these lines can be matched to the imported statement using the match option which will search for claim lines with matching values and accounts which can be selected and mark that line as reconciled.

Match to an existing claim line


This option is not available to all claimants, if you have it, the item will be marked as reconciled on your statement and then made available via a report to the finance team to view.

Mark as personal

Cash Withdrawal

This option is also not available to all claimants, this allows cash items on the card statement to be moved between advance accounts and also then marks the line as reconciled from the statement.

Cash Withdrawal

On completion of the reconciliation you will see that My card statement box on the Welcome screen will show 0 as all lines have been reconciled.

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